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Diverse styles of  5.5 inchs, 6.5inchs, 7 inches, there is always a right for you.
The colored aluminum drainage system provide the designers and developers a variety of color products to go with the building eaves, waist line. Metallic bring the building a sharp expression, different color choice give the designers vast space imagination.
And it goes with the color of the building, which display a natural atmosphere of the building. Look as new, safe and durable. Our company in addition to the standard color of bronze and brown also according to the designer color requirements to provide color.
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Color last long and not easy to fade

First, Aluminum metal surface will form a layer of invisible oxide film which makes the aluminum no longer oxidized, this self-protection will ensure the aluminum a very high corrosion resistance;
Second, covered with colored polyster coating on the aluminum alloy substrate surface, which will make the color stable;

Third, the coefficient of aluminum alloy thermal expansion is close to the cement base's, and will not cause the colored aluminum drainage system bulged and leakage after using; At the same time, aluminum alloy in the temperature of -45 degrees to 260 degrees, strength, performance unchanged;

So it can be used in the cold region in Northeast China; Strong Sunshine, as in souther China; Resistance to temperature difference between day and night, use under the harsh and varied climate, such as Sinkang, China. We ensure that it will as good as new.

Safety and Environmental
It has traditional PVC unparalleled advantages, prices are also in the range which is acceptable for the user.
Due to the low proportion of the alumnium-magnesium alloy and the metal hook make gutter force safe and reliable, easy to learn and convenient to install.

Gutter Accessories are few, installation is easy to learn, natural and reliable connection between the accessories.
It can by recycled, in the line with the requirments of the national low-carbon green buildings.


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