PVC Series
With large radian design, make product both drainage function and have adornment effect, rich the overall effect of the building. The adopt of dural wall rain gutter...
Colour Aluminium Series
Refers to the aluminum alloy surface shading treatment, for aluminum alloy performance is stable, is not easy to corrode, general surface treated can ensure that at least 30 years do not fade, more because of its density is small, hardness..
Copper Tile Series
Good Roofing colorful stone coated metal roof tile, one of a series of Good Roofing tiles, is an ideal substitute for its conventional counterparts. Being not only artistic, durable, easy to install, but also eco-friendly, it has been intensively applied to residential, industrial and commercial construction, and become popular in roofing all over the world.

       As the most professional manufacturer of drainage system, Hangzhou 
Singer Building Materials Co.,Ltd mainly produce "San-gobuild" brand 
PVC drainage system and colored aluminum drainage system, which are 
recognized as excellent and trustworthy products. At each stage of 
production our company are in compliance with the strict production 
regulations and ISO quality control system standard. 
     SINGER has always pursued the highest standards of health and safety and the importance of the responsibility 
for the environment. 


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