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     "San-gobuild" K-style drainage system is a kind of PVC drainage system developed by SINGER on the basis of breaking the traditional drainage system and in-depth studying foreign roof drainage and combining with the characteristics of the domestic buildings. Complete accessories, organized drainage, to avoid free falling into the water sludge splashed on the wall to affect wall effect. Downspout conversion joint, arc-shaped drop outlet and other accessories help the balcony and floor drain with a unified drainage and air-conditioning condensation organized water features, thus ensuring the system more comprehensive, to meet the requirments of the domestic variety of building types.
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◆ /Demanding Design Requirment/
Each series of design of the San-gobuild drainage system have been demanding design ideas and long-term program simulation before molding. So our product can be described as high-quality goods, so that each mold can ensure the effectiveness of the system to ensure versatility, highlighting the efficient, versatile, simple, straightforward design concept.
◆/The Most Modern European Sense of The Facade Design/

From the view of  the residential apperance, the drainage system for the effect of the facade is just like the exquisite accessories for clothing wearing. The design of our San-gobuild drainage attach great importance to the various aspects of the background visual collocation. The curves lines of decorative pattern design appearance bring new modernist visual impact feeling which can satisfy avant-garde architecture in the new special design reequirements.
◆/ Simple and Quick Installation Process/
San-gobuild drainage system use the integrated accessories combinations, all plug connection between the parts and accessories make the installation process quickly and easily, and require no special tools, which can effectively shorten the construction period.

 ◆ /Unique Structure Design/

» With large radian design, make product both drainage function and have adorment effect, rich the overall effect of the building;
» Selection of the imported impact additives  makes the components both strength and toughness. The node design is reasonable, considering not only the gutter sealing performance, and fully considering the convenient for construction and won't have carry water phenomenon;
» The production of gutter and end cap are delicate, components in connection with embedded type to ensure the system does not leak, drainage is more smooth;
» The atmosphere of the decorative cornice design and housing construction style is an itegral whole;
» Gutter inner  wall is small arc design: to prevent dirt build-up and is easy to clean;
» Supporting the fixed component:the gutter can adapt to any angle of mounting surface;
» Clip design: to make downspout looks very nice and firmly fixed on any exterior facade;
» Earth and component, accompanied by special bending upgrade components, with a locking device for easy mobility.
◆/Unique Product Features/

»  Good toughness, good low temperature impact resistance;  Can resist impact, ladders pitched and the snow pressure and will not cause a depressed, resistance to yielding and deformation;
» High temperature resistance, anti-aging, anti-oxidant, good performance to acid-base mold erosion, look as new, no need of refurbishment and painting;
»  Easy to cut, just  few accessories needed, easy to install, no special tools, the overall structure can bear strong force;
»  Ethylene polymer material, lead-free environmental protection material, mature stable formula, very good UV performance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, resistance to oxidation.
◆/ Unique Product Advantages/
» "San-gobuild" resin drainage system all adopt ASA double-color co-extrusion technology, never fade, better to guarantee the original color unique;
» Raw material is the best from the domestic and foreign market, 100% new material makes "Sangobuild" product have the unique toughness, and after car rolling it is still not broken;
»"San-gobuild"  resin drainage system advocates the scientific environmental protection, all finished products are green lead-free, popular domestic and abroad;
»  "San-gobuild" resin drainage system adopt the leading global Jinhu double-screw equipment.

 The Strict Quality Guarantee

San-gobuild drainage system strictly enforce the ISO 9001 certification requirements to control the entire process of production, stacking and transport. All formulations have been rigorously tested to achieve a flat to down national indexes, the end product only leave factory after passing the strict test to provide users with the first-class products of stable quality. In additon, we have passed SGS report to ensure the product conforming with the quality standard especially European market.

Product Spot Testing

The raw material we used is the best from the domestic and foreign market, 100% new material makes "San-gobuild" product have the unique toughness, and after car rolling it is still not broken; 

 PVC Drainage System Installation Notes:

Note 1: The depth of the cement mortar in the cornice is less than 3cm, to ensure the nail-holding ability of the plastics bulge bolt in the gutter hange; 
Note 2: The front of the roofing tile is exceed(5.2 inch)30-50mm, (7 inch) 30-120mm of the inner gutter. The height from the inner gutter is between 20mm-50mm;
Note 3: If roof cornice is not perpendicular to the ground, international pad(recliners) must be added between the cornice and gutter in order to ensure the gutter's class level;
Note 4: Downpipes try not to climb the waistline to ensure the smooth drainage;
Note 5: It would be better to install the balcony drainage pipes separately. Air condition condensation water can be linked to the downspout with the connection of the Equal Tee or Skew Tee.


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